"Stilling the storm and calming the chaos via continous collaborative coding."

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Javascript Exercises

When I first began contemporary coding lessons, I wrote several simple programs using JavaScript. I would improve these today, but everyone starts somewhere. Check them out!

C# Code

C# Code which I utilized for both basic exercises (coded in just a couple hours) and also using C# slightly deeper via a quick E-Commerce mock-up site starter (done in less than two weeks) that can be seen by checking out respective sites!


SAB Blog is an MVC application I designed to track my development progress across multiple portfolio projects. Read up on my programming odyssey!

Bug Tracker

SAB Bugtracker is an MVC application I designed to help users experience the life cycle of a help-desk ticket for virtual projects.

Budgeting System

SAB Che¢kbook is an MVC application designed to function like an online, modern-day checkbook to track accounts and expenses.

Car Lister

Car Lister is a sampling of the versatile Xamarin mobile application implemented here to track nation-wide car-listing inventory through a massive API data import followed by invoking database stored procedures leveraged to systematically find the car you want!

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